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The Tudor Grange Circuit has now been open for several years and is being heavily used for youth development training and races but we are trying to encourage more racing for riders of all abilities. We want to make the circuit a place where races can be organised simply and with the minimum of administrative effort and equally where riders can race in a simple, "No Frills" environment for a modest entry fee. We want to drive down the cost of racing for simple, basic events. We are therefore organising "No Frills" races and encouraging other potential organisers and/or clubs to see how simple it can be to organise these races. The key principles are as follows:

• No entry in advance either by post or online. You just turn up on the day, pay your money and race. In the event of an event being over-subscribed, entries will be on a first come first served basis.
• No cash prizes. The emphasis at No Frills events will be to get entry fees as low as we can. If we make profits from one event we will roll that through into lower entry fees for the next event.
• Entry fee of £9. Please bring exact change on the night. We hope to reduce this entry fee going forward.
• Normal BC points in accordance with BC regulations.
• We positively encourage women to take part in races and indeed in 2013 will also be organising some Women Only Handicap races – see separate tab "Women's Racing" on this website.
• Any youth riders wishing to take part must have formal BC dispensation to take part in "adult" races. Those male youths with dispensation will NOT be allowed to ride in races that are for fourth category riders only. Because we want to actively encourage female riders of all categories, female youth riders with dispensation will be allowed to participate in fourth cat only races if they choose to do so AND by PRIOR AGREEMENT of the organiser.
• Signing On closes promptly 15 minutes before the event start time. We are allowed 45 riders per race and entry is accepted on a first come first served basis.
• Most importantly, because the events are run on a No Frills basis with the minimum amount of volunteers, we will depend on riders and their friends/families to ASSIST us line judge or marshal. IT IS A CONDITION OF ACCEPTING YOUR ENTRY that you be prepared to help in either the race before or after your event if asked to do so OR that any friends and/or family accompanying you help in "your" event. We will be operating simple photo finish equipment and be providing two or three line judges so in practice this MIGHT mean that you or your friends are asked to marshal somewhere on the circuit just to ensure that dog walkers do not stray onto the course whilst racing is taking place or you MIGHT be asked to ASSIST line judges at the Finish Point. By doing this we can keep the number of volunteers required by the organising club to a minimum and thus feel comfortable organising more frequent events.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO ACCEPT THESE CONDITIONS OF ENTRY THEN PLEASE DO NOT ENTER. In the vast majority of cases we believe that we will manage perfectly well by simply asking a few friends and/or family of riders taking part to watch the racing whilst marshalling somewhere on the circuit.